Belén Álvarez


Scope and Sequence SLA 7 – 9

This document is a general draft of a design of the course. Since up to the moment there is no method or textbook that could answer to the needs of our students is necessary to establish a plan that opens the door for developments and paths of working shared between the middle school teachers. The design of the course is not conceived as a closed plan it only tries to sit some bases on which new concepts will develop in grades 8 and 9 and show how our students need a base to learn something related that is more complex.

We try to present a selection and organization of the contents knowing that the selection and organization of the materials has to be related with the methodology of each teacher according to his/ her background in second languages and the resources we have.


This document contains help for Spanish Language Arts teachers for them to be able to see how they are related to each other. The structure in different units with different titles is only this, one structure and does not mean any specific methodological approach. We can base our program in task, projects and integrated projects, enquire learning, CLIL / AICLE methodology or any other approach that we want to give it however we need a solid process plans.

To identify the processes of development can be useful in order to give the whole picture of the different steps and to allow to “rationalizing” a plan of pedagogic action.

This design of the course is only a point to star, a previous scheme in which our aim is to select contents and ideas for establishing a skeleton that all the teachers could use as a base. The selection of the linguistic elements is based on the communicative situations in which our pupils will be involved.


Image Modelled Situations:  situaciones de aprendizaje en las que siguen un modelo específico que pueden aplicar en situaciones muy concretas. Su seguridad y fluidez es limitada

ImageStructured Situations: situaciones de aprendizaje en las que se propone un modelo familiar en el que los estudiantes toman conciencia del uso de estos elementos lingüísticos y son capaces de aplicarlos en contextos similares con ayuda del profesor. Su confianza y fluidez va en aumento

ImageIndependently and Consistently: describe situaciones de aprendizaje en las que los alumnos utilizan los diferentes elementos lingüísticos en situaciones variadas con ayuda o sin ayuda del profesor. Estos estudiantes se caracterizan por su seguridad y fluidez

I have chosen many of cultural elements focus in the Middle Ages thinking that in grade 8 it is possible to study the Renaissance so we can  relate it to the program of studies of Humanities and in grade focus more in the 20th and 21st  century.






Belén Álvarez


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